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The MudMixer® represents a significant advance in technology when it comes to concrete mixing. This concrete mixer and hopper combination enables you to add a bag of material into the unit below belt level rather than having to lift it higher before dispensing into the machine. The unit rests on two flat-free Marathon tires, enabling you to stroll the device easily to your desired location. This concrete electric mixer also rotates allowing you to adjust your pour position without having to move and reposition the entire machine.

Upon dropping a bag of material (such as concrete, cement, grout, or other dry construction mix) into the hopper, the unit conveys the material up the chute and through an auger at which time it is also combined with a water source which is user-controlled to achieve the desired mixture. This portable mixing system allows you to save time and energy, mixing as many as 40 bags in one hour. In other words, with this electric cement mixer, within just one hour, one person can mix 1-yard of cement.

Key Features and Benefits of the MudMixer®

The MudMixer® is a breeze to use due to its various features and benefits, which include:

  • 330° pivot system enabling adjustability and precision.
  • 35-inch stand-over height saving you from having to lift any bag of material above waist-level.
  • 14 gauge high-strength steel construction providing excellent durability in various conditions.
  • Patented auger reliably conveys various types of mixtures and delivers them to your desired location.
  • Water-sealed, all-electric motor providing forward and reverse movement, giving you total control of the machine.
  • Concrete mixer chute and durable auger labeling an efficient and fast delivery of your material mixture into your forms.
  • A bag opener incorporated into the unit enables fast drop-and-fold opening of your dry material bags.
  • Flat-free Marathon tires that give the mixer reliable mobility.
  • Completely controllable water dial for setting a specified water flow to achieve the desired mixture.

Upon completion of your work, you can utilize the connected hose and spray nozzle when it’s hooked up to a water source to thoroughly clean out the machine and promote the longevity of its service life.

Purchase our mobile mixer for sale today. Or, if you need more information about the MudMixer®, call our team at 806.515.4683 or send an email to

Mike Carmody

Mike Carmody

I have a passion to help people. When a friend of mine, Oscar Scott, showed me his idea for a continuous portable concrete mixer, I thought it would be a great tool that saves time, energy, and money. The MudMixer was launched with that goal in mind. MudMixer manufactures and distributes a continuous portable concrete mixer. It can be used with premixed concrete bags, such as Quikrete and Sakrete. It’s a great tool for contractors and rental companies.

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