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The MudMixer®, a concrete, mortar, stucco, or grout mixing machine, is a portable piece of equipment designed to combine dry material and water into the perfect mixture for construction project applications. Our MudMixer® is the best type of mixing machine for small projects.

MudMixer® Operation

The MudMixer® operates by means of a technologically advanced two-phase infusion system that includes an auger which injects the prescribed quantity of water into the dry mix, creating an ideal mixture and material flow that remains constant until the completion of the job.

Read on to learn how our portable concrete mixer works:

1. Add Material

Before rolling the mixer into the designated location, empty a bag of concrete, mortar, grout, or stucco mix into the hopper.

2. Set the Water Flow

Adjust the water control dial to set the proper water flow for the quantity of dry mixture you are adding.

3. Place Your Material

Keep feeding the hopper with your dry mix as needed and let the MudMixer® do its work, while you also guide the flow of material from the shoot into your forms.

4. Clean the Unit

The process of cleaning our portable concrete mixer is simple. Use the secondary hose attached to the unit to thoroughly clean out the mixer after use.

The MudMixer® features a bag opener integrated into the unit for easy opening of dry mix bags in a drop-and-fold manner. The completely adjustable water dial on the unit enables you to set a specified water flow for the mixture. The powerful electric drivetrain on the MudMixer® allows you to mix over 40 bags in one hour. Just one person can mix 1-yard of concrete in one hour.

The best portable concrete mixer provides you with total control of the dry/wet consistency of your mix for the operation of the adjustable water dial. After you set the water dial, the consistency will remain the same throughout the entire pour.

No wheelbarrow is needed when using this portable concrete mixer. Simply roll the MudMixer® directly to the area of your pour. With this continuous mixer, you won’t need to mix material in separate batches. The mixer will continue to mix and dispense material into your forms as you continue adding bags of dry mix.

If you have any questions about our portable concrete mixers for sale, call us today at 806.515.4683 or send us an email at

Mike Carmody

Mike Carmody

I have a passion to help people. When a friend of mine, Oscar Scott, showed me his idea for a continuous portable concrete mixer, I thought it would be a great tool that saves time, energy, and money. The MudMixer was launched with that goal in mind. MudMixer manufactures and distributes a continuous portable concrete mixer. It can be used with premixed concrete bags, such as Quikrete and Sakrete. It’s a great tool for contractors and rental companies.

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