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My wife and I are home improvement DIYer's. We received our Mud Mixer in just a few days which was way sooner than the two weeks we expected. We have used it twice now and it completely exceeds our expectations. In the past we would only do concrete if it was the only solution. With the Mud Mixer pouring concrete has become one of the easier solutions.

Dan E.Google

Mud mixer is a must have for any contractor. Great for small jobs. Definitely recommended.

Gabriel A.Google

I used it for the first time and I'm happy with it. The price of concrete is killing me on these small pours. Now I can do it without calling the batch plant.

Rob H.Google

It's not very often that you buy a tool that lives up to the expectations. This tool exceeded them. I was a little concerned about the speed of mixing when I ordered the mixer but after starting out with pouring some footings for a 12 by 24 foot shed I have to say this thing was great and I was working to keep up. It would mix an 80 pound bag in just over a minute. And my wife and I did 3 yards (120 bags)in about 3 hours. The Mud mixer is easy to move when fully loaded, and that is with the added cement using the hopper extension. Cleaning it was easy after the project was done so maintenance is easy keeping it running smoothly in the future. I am very happy so far and am excited to use it more.

Jeremy D.Google

I'm a DIYer and ran almost 200 60lb bags and this product had saved so much time and having additional help when I'm solo. My first project alone I did 42 60lb bags mixed in about 39 minutes. Less effort and enjoyed the mixing.

Johnathan S.Google

I finally got to use my mixer with the add on hopper, I could hardly keep up with bagging and pouring. It chewed through 10 bags like child's play. Great purchase.

Thomas H.Google

This machine is the greatest equipment invented in the last 100 years. If you don't believe me TRY IT! OH boy it has open my eyes to projects I thought I would not imagine.

Ronnie H.Google

I have used the mud mixer a few times now, and am very impressed on how well it works and the ease of mixing cement. I also want to mention the exceptional customer service, and how well they take care of the customer. Hard to find these days. Thank you so much, you guys rock

Steven B.Google

The Ultimate Multi-Use Mixer for Concrete, Mortar, and Stucco

The MudMixer® is the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixer on the market. Featuring a fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar, or stucco mix – it quickly and effortlessly provides reliable consistency wherever it’s needed.

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Mixing mud has never been this quick, this easy, or this clean.

The powerful MudMixer® machine enables one man to mix 1-yard of concrete in one hour.

The process for using our portable concrete mixer is as follows:


After rolling the MudMixer into position, simply drop and fold the desired bag of concrete, mortar, or stucco mix into the hopper.


Next, adjust the water dial to achieve the proper water flow for the desired mortar, stucco, or concrete mixture.


Now, stand back and watch the MudMixer do what it does best. The mixture produced by this electric concrete mixer will continuously fill your forms as you feed the hopper.


Cleanup is a breeze. When your work is done, grab the secondary hose and thoroughly clean the mixer.


When we set out to engineer the MudMixer® we didn’t just want it to be the best we could do, we wanted it to be the best anyone could do. Every decision we made in the design of this portable concrete mixing machine was made with one goal in mind; to create the best possible experience anyone could achieve with a mixer.

  • A35 in. stand-over height means you’ll never lift another bag above the belt.
  • BAttached secondary hose for quick, easy, and convenient clean up.
  • C330° Pivot System allows for precision and adjustability on any work site.
  • DThe patented auger moves along any mixture and delivers it where it’s needed.


The MudMixer® was built with durability in mind. The heavy-duty, high-strength steel body of this mobile concrete mixer surrounds a powerhouse of components supported by two large Marathon flat-free tires. All this comes together to create the only one-of-its-kind mud mixing machine.

  • E14 gauge high-strength steel construction stands up to anything you throw at it.
  • FDurable auger and chute provides the easiest and fastest delivery of mixture to your forms.
  • GAn all-electric, water-sealed motor with both forward and reverse settings to give you complete control.
  • HMarathon Flat-Free tires means you’ll always get where you’re going.


As the best concrete mixer in its class, the MudMixer® utilizes a revolutionary two-phase infusion system. The auger and water, when introduced to the desired dry mix, all work in harmony to deliver a flow of mixture that doesn’t stop until the job’s done. It’s sure to decrease labor cost and increase the number of jobs completed all to save you time, money, and energy.

  • IIntegrated bag opener for easy drop-and-fold opening of your favorite dry mix.
  • JFully adjustable water dial allows for customized water flow for the desired mixture.
  • KElectric drivetrain with the power to chew through more than 40 bags per hour.

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Overall Length
66.5 in.
Overall Width
27.5 in.
Overall Height
35 in.
Chute Height
16 in.
145 lbs.
Hopper Capacity
120 lbs.
Body Construction
14 Gauge High-Strength Steel
Frame Construction
1 in. Steel Pipe
Marathon Flat-Free



Electrical Requirements
Cord Length
3 ft.
Running Amps


Removable auger guard on chute
Grounded power cable
Water-tight electical boxes and connections


Motor HP
1/2 HP
Motor Protection Rating


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