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Imagine a construction site bustling with activity. Everything goes to plan, and workers are focused, aiming to complete the project on time. 

However, amidst the energy and determination, there’s a common frustration — the time-consuming, labor-intensive task of mixing concrete. 

Traditional methods often involve significant effort, leading to inefficiency, inconsistency, and delays. This challenge has been a pain point for construction professionals for decades — until now.

As any contractor would say, time is money. Wasted minutes equate to lost opportunities and increased expenses. This dilemma pushed engineers to create a groundbreaking solution: electric concrete mixers.

Engineer-tested and field-approved, concrete electric mixers like the MudMixer are not just tools. They change the game by adding a whole new level of efficiency to the previously tedious process of cement mixing.

The Benefits of Concrete Electric Mixers

As useful as they are, traditional concrete mixers do come with challenges. They can be a strain to operate and can lead to inconsistent concrete mixes and inefficiencies in maintenance and repairs. 

For this reason, when choosing a cement mixer, electric is the way to go. Here are the benefits you can look forward to when you choose electric concrete mixers. 

Automated Mixing

Electric concrete mixers automate the mixing process, drastically reducing manual labor. This automation translates to faster project completion, saving valuable time and resources.

Broad Applications

Electric mixers handle various mixtures, from concrete to mortar and stucco. Their adaptability allows seamless transitions between different materials, eliminating the need for multiple devices on a construction site.

Consistent Concrete Quality

These mixers ensure uniform mixing, which is vital for the strength and integrity of your projects. The precise control over water flow and mixing speed guarantees consistent quality in every batch, minimizing the risk of structural issues.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Electric mixers generally require less maintenance compared to their diesel or manual counterparts. Reduced downtime due to repairs means more operational time, maximizing efficiency on the construction site.


In the long run, electric concrete mixers prove cost-effective. They minimize labor costs, reduce material waste, require fewer repairs, and offer a versatile solution, making them a wise investment for construction projects.

Revolutionizing Efficiency: The MudMixer Advantage

You’ll come across many electric concrete mixers on the market. However, not all of them will deliver the advantages the MudMixer does. 

The MudMixer delivers all the benefits of concrete electric mixers. It adds a new layer of efficiency, achieving superior cement mixing with minimal time and resource input.

Here’s how the MudMixer revolutionizes efficiency on your job site. 

Effortless Operation

The MudMixer boasts a 35-inch stand over height that eliminates the need to lift heavy bags above the belt. This means no more straining muscles or wasted energy.

This thoughtful design element reduces physical strain significantly, ensuring workers can focus on the task at hand without unnecessary exertion.

Easy Cleanup

Construction sites demand cleanliness and orderliness. The MudMixer addresses this need with an attached secondary hose, facilitating quick, easy, and convenient cleanup. 

Efficiency isn’t just about the mixing process. It extends to the cleanup phase, and the MudMixer helps seamlessly streamline this part of the construction workflow.

Patented Auger Technology

At the core of MudMixer lies its patented auger system, a testament to engineering ingenuity. This design ensures that the mixer can navigate any mixture and deliver it precisely where it’s needed. This feature is like blending the finesse of a skilled craftsman with the efficiency and precision of a machine.

Efficient Delivery System

Time is of the essence in construction projects. The manufacturers of MudMixer acknowledged this urgency and equipped the MudMixer with a robust auger and chute system. This setup ensures the swiftest and most efficient delivery of mixture to forms, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.

Simplified Mixing Process

MudMixer®’s integrated bag opener further simplifies the mixing process. This thoughtful addition enables effortless drop-and-fold opening of preferred dry mixes, eliminating the hassle of wrestling with cumbersome bags. Convenience and simplicity are the keystones of MudMixer’s design philosophy.

Low-Maintenance Yet Powerful Cement Mixing

The MudMixer isn’t just the epitome of efficient concrete mixing. With its features and tailored engineering, the MudMixer also boasts cost-cutting capabilities, eliminating added maintenance and repair costs. 

Adaptive Mobility

Moving to and from construction sites can add to a cement mixer electric’s wear and tear, particularly at the wheels and chassis.

The MudMixer is built for mobility, equipped with Marathon Flat-Free tires that guarantee seamless navigation through challenging terrains. This feature ensures that the mixer reaches its destination without hindrance, regardless of the landscape challenges it encounters.

Unrivaled Durability

Investing in construction tools is a pivotal decision. MudMixer transcends the realm of mere tools, becoming a long-term investment that stands the test of time. 

Its 14-gauge high-strength steel construction withstands the harshest construction site rigors, providing reliability that professionals and DIYers can depend on.

Unparalleled Power

Electric drivetrains are the future of construction equipment, and the MudMixer, cement mixer electric, leads the way. 

With the ability to process over 45 80lb bags per hour, this mixer embodies efficiency and productivity. It’s not merely about task completion; it’s about getting the job done swiftly and accurately.

Build With Efficiency and Confidence With the MudMixer

With the MudMixer, you get an indispensable tool that will take your construction workflows to the next level. With its innovative features, unparalleled durability, and precision engineering, it stands as a testament to unparalleled excellence.

Don’t just meet deadlines — exceed them. 

Elevate your efficiency and build with confidence using the MudMixer. Order your MudMixer today or contact us with any questions.

Mike Carmody

Mike Carmody

I have a passion to help people. When a friend of mine, Oscar Scott, showed me his idea for a continuous portable concrete mixer, I thought it would be a great tool that saves time, energy, and money. The MudMixer was launched with that goal in mind. MudMixer manufactures and distributes a continuous portable concrete mixer. It can be used with premixed concrete bags, such as Quikrete and Sakrete. It’s a great tool for contractors and rental companies.

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