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When it comes to construction or small DIY projects, you need solutions that are efficient and perform reliably. That’s where the MudMixer® comes into play, positioned as the best cement mixer option in its class. This innovative machine employs a two-phase infusion system, marrying auger and water seamlessly with the dry mix to deliver a consistent flow of mixture until the task is complete. With the MudMixer®, labor costs decrease, job completion rates soar, and time, energy, and money are saved.

How Does the MudMixer® Work?

The MudMixer® operates with finesse and precision, incorporating cutting-edge features designed to streamline the mixing process. An integrated bag opener facilitates effortless handling of dry mixes, while a fully adjustable water dial empowers users to customize water flow for optimal mixture consistency. The electric drivetrain, capable of processing over 45 80lb bags per hour, ensures efficient and swift mixing, making it the best cement mixer for any project.

Mixing Made Simple

Using the MudMixer® is a breeze, simplifying even the most complex mixing tasks. After positioning the mixer, users simply drop and fold their chosen bag of mortar, concrete, or stucco mix into the hopper. With the water flow adjusted to user specifications, the mixer springs into action, continuously filling forms as material is fed into the hopper. Clean-up is equally hassle-free, thanks to the attached secondary hose and the 330° Pivot System, which provides adaptability and precision on any worksite.

Efficiency and Versatility

The patented auger of the MudMixer® traverses through mixtures with ease, ensuring uniform, smooth distribution wherever needed. The all-electric, water-sealed motor, equipped with both forward and reverse settings, provides users with total control over the mixing process. With the MudMixer®, one person can mix a yard of concrete in just one hour, an indication of its efficiency and ease of use.

If you are looking for a cement mixer – small or medium sized – that is highly efficient for a wide range of applications in the field, look no further than the MudMixer®

Get the MudMixer®

Take the first step towards a more efficient and cost-effective concrete construction process with the MudMixer®. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or seasoned professional, our mobile concrete mixer promises to propel your projects to new heights of excellence.

To learn more about the best cement mixer on the market, call our team today at 806.515.4683, purchase online, or drop an email to Let the MudMixer® transform the way you mix concrete!

Mike Carmody

Mike Carmody

I have a passion to help people. When a friend of mine, Oscar Scott, showed me his idea for a continuous portable concrete mixer, I thought it would be a great tool that saves time, energy, and money. The MudMixer was launched with that goal in mind. MudMixer manufactures and distributes a continuous portable concrete mixer. It can be used with premixed concrete bags, such as Quikrete and Sakrete. It’s a great tool for contractors and rental companies.

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