Storing Your MudMixer In The Wintertime

This is an informational guide for all of our customers on how to winterize their MudMixer.
Winterizing your MudMixer is an essential step in preserving its functionality and longevity.
If you plan on storing your MudMixer in temperatures below freezing, it is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent damage.

Here’s what we recommend:

      1. Ensure there is no sitting water in all plumbing
      2. Blow air through the lines
      3. Open the needle valve
      4. Remove all tubing from quick-connect fittings
      5. Stow in a covered, dry area

Once you’re ready to use your MudMixer again, we recommend disassembling and cleaning the solenoid of your MudMixer.

This simple maintenance task can help ensure that your MudMixer is functioning properly and ready for use.

By taking the time to disassemble and clean the solenoid, you can help prolong the life and improve the performance of your MudMixer. We hope you enjoy using your MudMixer for many years to come!